Getting Noticed with SEO

People being noticed at a football can be fun to watch.  Some paint themselves and others may scream yell.  A baffling exercise of human behavior.  Much like internet marketing for small business.  In a sea of acronyms many entrepreneurs could get lost.14933340335371296232026  A good start is with the first acronym, SEO, or search engine optimization.  Initial techniques involved blasting terms into posts in order to gain the attention of searches and gain views.  However, this method is a lot like a billboard on a highway.  Sure, thousands of people drive by and notice it.  However, there is little action taken or any real message being retained.  Hence, a new movement stresses content.  Simply getting noticed or achieving a click is not enough.  Retaining a person’s attention is the new standard.

The goal is to get noticed by appearing to a potential qualified client before other qualified businesses do.  This is why landing on the first page of search engine results is so important.  People simply don’t spend much time navigating past this point.  SEO writing has become a skill involving balance.  A balance between appropriate keyword usage and useful information keeping users on the site, returning to the site, or sharing the site.  If content is saturated with keywords or phrases, the site will slip in the rankings for searches quickly landing a site on the dreaded third page.1493333352933-506221269  What a horrible fate.  So close and yet so far.  Internet jaded masses simply don’t really work past the initial handful of options.  That being said an ideal situation is to be within that handful.

“Internet jaded masses simply don’t work past the initial handful of options.”

Once landing within the first page elite, there are no promises of staying there. Competition remains tough and methods change.  An excellent starting point for small business to reference is Single Grain.  Another authority is Puranjay Singh, a writer and marketer with an excellent delivery of digital marketing concepts.

Reading about SEO techniques has a great deal of irony involved.  Google has become so good at search engine policing…. It’s astounding.  This could very well be the reason why there seems to be less internet rif raf.

I greatly enjoy how using keywords and keyword phrases is necessary, but Google has pretty much said, “hey, be cool about it.”  For fake writers and agenda driven, instead of purpose driven, posters loose rankings quickly.  Along with most aspects of SEO, the trick is to not over do anything.  Apparently, trying too hard is not rewarding.  I suppose hard work is rewarding and trying too hard is pathetic.  Just like dating.

The amount of analytics and measurement is beyond impressive.  1493338912902774572796 The UX (user experience) is not the same as UI (user interface).  UX is much more important and useful once it’s measured.  The image to the right is an example of UX.  The red is where the users cursor was most of the time.  The second most navigated areas are in yellow.  Finally, the green areas were slightly navigated.  This helps to see where the user’s attention is being spent while on the site.  This can be great for A/B testing.  Given different versions of the same web page, users will decide on a the superior version.

This barely scratches the surface of how much effort, research, and resources have been spent for a subject most people don’t understand.  How well SEO is executed makes understanding irrelevant.  Even though we see it on a daily basis.


Binaural Brain Beats

I recently started using binaural frequencies while I sleep to gain certain benefits in my brain.  Like most of my ideas, it became action before the slightest bit of research.  Atmosphere is a sound effects app from the Google Play Store.  The plan was something simple and free.  Just soothing noises to achieve a deeper realm of sleep without waking up often.  An issue that has plagued me for some time now.  Many sound of birds chirping and waves crashing were options so it seemed sufficient.  I didn’t realize there was an entire selection of binaural frequency effects that could be played, or layered, behind the other sounds.  This is the first I had heard of binaural music, binaural beats, and/or binaural therapy.

Binaural music, or tones, are low frequency vibrations requiring stereo ability.  Two different fequencies are played.  One for each ear.  The effect of binaural frequencies is considered a phenomina and escacerbates a person’s mood.  Thus, the benefits can be supplemental to certain activities.  Or in my case, lack of activity while I sleep.  A key not is the requirement of stereo headphones for the phenomina to work.  At first I was simply listening to my phone speaker reaping absolutely no benefits.  I suppose it would be good advise if you are going to become serious about participating, get a decent pair of headphones.

The following article gave some basic insight to the binaural process and good jumping off point.  The author seems to have been enjoying binaural methods for some time and willing to share.  YouTube has resources for binaural music.  The following is for sleep meditation and not quite as weird as some binaural expressions can get.

Given further research, I have found many advocates for binaural therapy.  Brain Wave Power Music is the most progressive site out there for products and thorough description of the process.  Here, we find the frequencies broken down into two distinctions.  Alpha waves and delta waves.  Alpha consists of frequencies ranging from 8-13hz.  Delta waves encompass the range of 0-4hz.  For my personal goals of reducing stress and anxiety, the Alpha frequencies are used according to Brain Wave Power Music.  Compared relapse rates of alcoholics with anxiety were significantly lower when binaural therapy was used in comparison to the traditional 12 step method.  The claim is binaural relapse rate was on 20%, while the 12 step program carried a 80% relapse rate.

I will continue on this binaural journey and revisit the subject.  Hopefully, with positive results.